• Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

    Co-authored with Noel M. Tichy

    "In remaking General Electric, Jack Welch led what remains the most important and successful corporate transformation in history." This best-selling book, listed among the 100 best business books ever written, is the first independent study of how GE mastered change. "Fascinating reading. There is at least as much to be learned here as from reading Peter Drucker, John Kenneth Galbraith, or Michael Porter." -- Boston Globe

  • The Wild West of Executive Coaching

    Co-authored with Alyssa Freas

    A primer on coaching for leaders, this article describes the Accompli method and its rationale. It also critically surveys the claims made by coaches, scholars, and credentialing agencies.

  • The Art And Practice Of Leadership Coaching

    Edited by Howard Morgan, Phil Harkins, and Marshall Goldsmith

    "50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets" - including an essay by Strat Sherman

  • Stand By Your Change Agent

    Co-authored with Marisa Faccio

    "Research shows that most transformation leaders go unpromoted, unrecognized, and unrewarded. And their companies suffer in the long run." Article on the hazards of being a corporate change agent - with guidance about how to support and nurture these invaluable contributors to sustainable organizational success.

  • Journey to Ki

    Written for a local Connecticut magazine, this article explores a novice's experience of aikido, the Japanese martial art.

  • Rethinking Integrity

    "Amid an epidemic of corporate fraud, as top-level executives are led away in handcuffs, trusted accounting systems fail, multibillion-dollar bankruptcies abound, and suspicions spread that markets are rigged, public faith in corporate leaders continues to deteriorate..."

  • Learn Like a Leader

    Edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye, and Ken Shelton

    "Today's Top Leaders Share Their Learning Journeys" - including an essay by Strat Sherman: "What Strength Really Means"

  • The Communicators

    By Richard S. Levick with Charlie Slack

    "Leadership in the Age of Crisis" - including two chapters based on interviews with Strat Sherman

  • Courage and Contentment

    by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

    "A Collection of Talks On The Spiritual Life" - Introduction by Strat Sherman

  • Leading Beyond The Walls

    Edited by Frances Hesselbein, Mashall Goldsmith, and Iain Somerville

    "How High-Performing Organizations Collaborate for Shared Success" - Essays on Leadership from the Peter F. Drucker Foundation For Non-Profit Management - including an essay by Strat Sherman, "The Power of Choice"

  • Mastering Revolutionary Change

    Co-created with Noel M. Tichy

    Noel Tichy and Stratford Sherman take you inside four corporations where dramatic revolutions are under way. Woven throughout are candid, oftentimes provocative, on-site and roundtable interviews with four of America's best known and most respected CEO's: Jack Welch (General Electric), Larry Bossidy (Allied Signal), Mike Walsh (Tenneco) and Bill Weiss (Ameritech). Guided by Tichy and Sherman you will join them, along with Dana Mead, Dick Notebaert and others at all levels of their organizations for remarkably candid discussions of their own experiences in forging dramatic organizational change. Each describes how they conceive, implement and measure the success of their ongoing corporate transformations. Tichy and Sherman distill these insights into practical guidelines that can be applied in any organization, division or department. Challenging exercises, assessment instruments and a framework for planning your own corporate revolution combine to form a complete seminar experience for individual study or for the entire management team.

  • Tap Dancing to Work

    by Carol Loomis

    "Warren Buffet on Practically Everything, 1966-2013" - collected excerpts from Fortune's extensive coverage of Warren Buffett, led by Carol Loomis, one of the very greatest business journalists and Buffett's longtime friend. The volume includes a very short section from one of Strat Sherman's articles. Thanks to Loomis, Strat interviewed Buffett several times.

  • The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

    by Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten

    "What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You" - included here because the book lists Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will among its top 100.

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