Accompli provides a set of advisory services to top-level leaders facing high-stakes challenges, leading change, or exploring unknown territory. Based on common principles, these offerings span the range from coaching for a single leader or team to the transformation of an enterprise.

Accompli has developed and demonstrated a strong, practical understanding of how to effect change. It works for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Because the  approach is grounded in real-world simplicity and common sense, it can be adapted and customized to serve a very wide range of needs.

Most Accompli clients recognize a compelling need to change. Looking for the best way forward, they understand that the real work of leadership can’t be delegated to any outside firm. At the same time, they value the clarity and insight that an external thinking partner can contribute. They turn to Accompli for seasoned guidance, where achievement of business outcomes depends on people.

Accompli addresses a basic challenge that all organizations face: how to get people to deliver results. It’s a given that resources are limited and often inadequate, especially the executive bandwidth required to give crucial issues the attention they deserve. Money’s usually short, too, along with the talent needed to fill key roles. And uncertainty and risk are inescapable facts of life. So what’s the best method to achieve the desired outcome?

Less is more. Clients want to make their own decisions and control their own destinies. But their ambitions usually reach beyond the limits of what they already see and know. So they engage Accompli as a creative partner – a detached outsider asking penetrating questions that spark better thinking and action. Accompli helps clients see for themselves what they must do, and stays with them until the goal is achieved.

Execution support may take the form of engaging and aligning the people who actually must do the work, bringing difficult issues to the surface and facilitating resolutions. Very often, the work requires integration across boundaries to achieve strategic goals. That means getting people to collaborate and resolve conflicts, willingly, for the common good. Another source of value: Even when the client gets distracted, Accompli remains focused on what’s most important.

The approach works best when the stakes are high, when the desired result is of significant value. To cut through the pretense, avoidance, and denial that can arise when people work together, Accompli often plays the role of truth-teller. Accompli is pushing no theory or ideology of its own: It simply holds up a mirror, so that people can see things as they are. This is where facilitation comes in: Accompli helps groups of people face up to difficulty, decide together what must be done, accept mutual accountability for doing it – and then act on their decisions, all the way through to completion. At times, Accompli’s clarity of purpose can be irritating, like the grain of sand that provokes an oyster to produce a pearl.

If it were always easy and natural for organizations to do the right thing, clients would do Accompli’s work for themselves. Instead, they recognize the utility of precisely targeted outside help. This approach is not for everyone. But high rates of referral by past clients, along with a track record of realized success fees, suggest that Accompli is doing something right.

In the end, Accompli is in the business of helping its clients agree on what’s most important – and then getting it done. Its essential method is to leverage learning. That applies to the growth of an individual executive, the development of an effective team, or the quickening of a spirit of continuous improvement across a corporate culture. The innate human capacity for learning, which has enabled our species to affect an entire planet, surely is potent enough to improve individual and organizational performance. The trick is harnessing it.