Stratford Sherman serves senior leaders as a thinking partner, advisor, facilitator, and coach. Widely published on leadership and organizational change, he understands the interplay of  business and human dynamics. Strat is focused on change, learning, and growth – for individuals and organizations. He works where successful execution of business plans depends on people. A co-founder of Accompli, he is now its

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Accompli provides a set of advisory services to top-level leaders facing high-stakes challenges, leading change, or exploring unknown territory. Based on common principles, these offerings span the range from coaching for a single leader or team to the transformation of an enterprise. Accompli has developed and demonstrated a strong, practical understanding of how to effect change. It works for 

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Because one of the greatest opportunities to create incremental value, in almost any organization, is to improve execution – the alignment, engagement, and collaboration of the people who produce results. The art of unleashing and guiding human energy is still poorly understood and inconsistently practiced – it may be the weakest, most primitive aspect of “management science.” Even modest

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The small-scale, mechanical techniques known as “change management” are widely known. That’s not what Accompli does. The Accompli approach is deeper, more fundamental, and broader in scope. It’s about leadership and learning. Start with the premise that the client is capable. You know your business better than any outsider. Accompli believes that outside advisors should listen with respect, rather than

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"Self-knowledge doesn't mean preoccupation with one's own thoughts; rather, it means concern about the effects one creates."

- I Ching, “Contemplation”


Facebook is the Enemy Now

  The Huffington Post just published my oped on Facebook. Give it a read and if you agree, please consider sharing it with all your “friends.” The larger concern underlying this piece, an obsession of mine for decades, is a familiar asymmetry: between the seemingly limitless human capacity to create and innovate, and our less […]

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Remembering Andy Grove

  Andy Grove liked ice cream. After a restaurant dinner, he’d often stop by the Los Altos Baskin-Robbins, located on State Street near the office he used in retirement. It was always fun to go with him, because even in his seventies, Andy retained a childish eagerness for that sugary treat. I’ve never known anyone […]

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We’re in the kitchen of Villa Dafne, a Sicilian agriturismo, learning how to cook. Let’s call our teacher Elena. My fellow students are my wife and Marisa Faccio, the latter a former Accompli partner who speaks native Italian and graciously translates.  At our disposal are the superb products of a family farm – artisanal olive […]

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